Trainings, marketing for pharmacies, training pharmacy staff, medicine in Ukraine and in the world, conferences, seminars and events, books for doctors, employees of pharmaceutical companies and pharmacy network staff.

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Medical Marketing Agency

Training company №1 in the medical and pharmaceutical segment

Strict medical and pharmaceutical segmentation ensures efficient application training that directly increases sales.

We work with all elements of the medical and pharmaceutical segments: manufacturers and representatives, networks of pharmacies, distributors, private customers. In-depth knowledge of market operators ensures training quality and effectiveness.

Our company holds trainings for networks of pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, private clinics, and doctors. We provide services on medical and pharmaceutical marketing, sales increase, communication, influence and dispute settlement.

How can we help you?

When there is a need to train the “selling personnel”: medical representatives”, pharmacists in efficient sales methods in the medical and pharmaceutical segment

When there is a need to increase average purchase size and volumes with clear KPI

When there is a need to develop the operating stamps

When there is a need to train your managers or improve their qualification

When there is a wish to involve experts to strategic, portfolio, marketing and structural solutions

When there is a need to organize unusual events for doctors and pharmacies, including large conferences with highly-topical programmes and cases

When there is a wish to promote one’s products among the doctors and pharmacies using efficient instruments of information marketing

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Additional Value

We also develop SCRIPTS and are specialized in effective speech templates to be used in sales process. We provide scripts to the customer in the form of the easy-to-use report.

Our trainers

Trainers of the Agency are skillful experts with special education in medicine and psychology who have necessarily done the course abroad. Our trainers hold about 100 events per year in average that will make the customer confident in the quality of the training event.

Yury Chertkov
Founder and director of the company "Medical Marketing Agency". Author of training programs, books for doctors and specialists of the pharmaceutical industry. The managing director of specialized mass media for drugstores. Permanent expert of specialized mass media.

Pavel Lisovskiy
Managing partner of Management Systems Design, a consultant of increase the profitability of the pharmacy business, a member of the Russian Association of Pharmaceutical Marketing (RAFM)

Tomasz Chomczyk
Business-trainer, CEO Trener Coach

Yury Storozhuk
Lawyer, Deputy Director for legal affairs, trainer on legal issues

Our projects

Video course «PHARM-MARKETING» - 10 steps to increase profits in the pharmaceutical business with a robust marketing strategy. New from Yury Chertkov!

Pharmacist-focused specialized journal “Pharmacy Sales Recipes”, distributed by subscription and presented at various events, also online. This is the opportunity for the customer to place advertising in specialized media for the targeted public.


Book House, there are the following books in print at the moment: “Pharmacy Sales Machine”, “Doctors, Make Your Money!”, “Successful Medical Representative”, “What is not Learned in the Medical Higher Schools”, “Magistral Formula”, “PharmContinuum” reference book. This is the opportunity for the customer to obtain useful knowledge without waffling on for pages and pages.

Own annual national conferences for medical and pharmaceutical segment. This is the opportunity for the customer to visit conferences and be on the same page, get helpful information, learn trends, novelties to be implemented in own organizations.

Academy of Ongoing Pharmaceutical Training - is a user-friendly site, delivery platform for 11,000 pharmacists to train and do tests. This is the opportunity for the customer quickly to train pharmacists and save money for medical representatives.

Academy of Successful Doctor is a training classroom project for doctors on the topics not studied in medical higher schools (convincing the patients, juridical protection of a doctor, etc.). This is the opportunity for the customer to train doctors in medical consulting with own medical products as examples.

Training projects of authorship for networks of pharmacies: “Pharmacy Regatta” and “Motivation Training Project”. This is the opportunity for the customer to achieve clear and measured sales growth in the selected network of pharmacies.


Specialized reference book for pharmacies PharmContinuum containing three sections necessary for dispensing chemists: medicine, rational drug treatment, sales scripts. By placing advertising, one can be sure that this reference book will always be at pharmacist’s hand.

Interactive training-webinars. On-line viewers will receive useful information, can ask questions to the speaker in a chat room, discuss the problem with colleagues.


We thankful to our customer for cooperation and plenty of feedbacks.

When you need training for you or your team, we sincerely advise to contact us! You will be pleased with the results.

When there is a question of concern such as:

How to

How to increase
percentage of
successful visits?

How to
the client?

How to do

How to
promote new
medicinal product?

How to
with the patient?

How can
the doctor
earn more?

the АММ company is at your service


Where are we located and operating?

Our Head Office is located in Kyiv, besides there are two representative offices in Minsk and Almaty. The geography of our activities is rather wide: CIS, Lithuania, Israel, also we have experience in holding the large conference in Mongolia. This allows us to accumulate international experience and provide it as easy to understand and useful for our customers.

Ukraine, Kyiv, Volodi Dubinina Street, 6
Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Briketa Street, 2, office 202

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